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Great Grandad Bardsley

It all started in 1926

Bardsleys award winning Brighton fish restaurant has been a family business for four generations. We were founded by our great grandfather Ben (pictured below) who was a blacksmith in Lancashire. He moved into the Brighton area during the great depression in 1926 and established the business in order to serve the local Brighton Community and support his growing family.

photo: Great Grandad Bardsley

He opened the original Bardsley's in Upper Russell street, where the new Brighton Shopping Centre now stands. For many years this shop supported all subsequent generations of Bardsleys who in time opened their own restaurants. His son Jim, in Gloucester Road, his daughters, Isobel and Harriet in Upper Gloucester Road, Mary in Edward Street and Emily in Upper North Street.

Now only Bardsley's Baker Street is still owned by his direct descendants keeping the family traditions alive.

photo: Bardsley mosaic
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